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Risk Management Consulting


Risk and Regulatory Management Consulting

We offer Training, Consulting and Advisory services in Risk, Regulatory and Reporting Management.

With volatile global markets, a proliferation of new financial products and changing regulatory environments around the globe, Banks, Insurance and Financial Services companies are required to perform risk management analysis and regulatory reporting under the supervision of country/regional regulators, central banks, CEBS and G20 meetings. The number of standards and regulations is increasing: Basel-II, Basel-III, Corep/Finrep, Solvency-II, CEBS, Liquidity, Stress Testing. Those responsible for tracking and understanding the regulatory environment have a very difficult time at present. The different policy making bodies are coming out with a deluge of proposals, but each with a different language and tradition for describing similar concepts. There are also differences in meaning and emphasis to contend with.

Our training and advisory services allow our clients understanding the challenges of the changing Risk and Regulatory management, and define the right approach and strategies for implementing an information system compliant with regulatory demands: ALM, Market Risk, Credit Risk, Basel2, Solvency2, Liquidity, Stress Testing, etc ..